COVID-19 Plan

The Kentucky State Fair COVID-19 Plan, which includes guidance for the World's Championship Horse Show, was approved through the Governor's Healthy At Work initiative on June 9th. We are committed to adapting our plan based on best practices and maintaining consistency with the Healthy At Work Horse Show Guidelines at the World's Championship Horse Show. Please view the information below for specific details related to the World's Championship Horse Show. We have created a frequently asked questions page that is located here.

Freedom Hall

  • Adhere to guidance from the Saddlebred associations and the Governor’s Office.
  • Continue to livestream the shows online in a pay-per-view format.
  • Freedom Hall will be closed each night to thoroughly clean and disinfect.
  • Judges will be required to wear masks.
  • Large class sizes will potentially be limited to enhance social distancing practices.
  • No spectators will be allowed into Freedom Hall. Trainers and media will be allowed in the upper concourse of Freedom Hall. – Freedom Hall typically has a capacity of 14,555 for the World’s Championship Horse Show. Capacities for 2020 will be approximately 310 individuals compromised of 300 trainers and up to 10 members of the media, a 98% reduction in capacity.
  • Number of people along the show ring will be limited and required to wear masks.
  • Number of trainers in the areas around Freedom Hall, including the make-up ring and gate area, will be reduced.
  • Only riders/drivers, trainers and groomers will be allowed in the gate area.
  • Showtimes will be spaced out to clear up congestion in the make-up ring areas.

World's Championship Horse Show

Includes North Wing, Barn Areas, East Hall Make-up Ring and South Wing A

  • A relocated riding arena will be set up in East Hall A and B.
  • All common areas in the Horse Show Office and Stall Office will be wiped down routinely, multiple times throughout the day. In addition, cleaning supplies will be placed in the office for staff use.
  • Adhere to guidance from Saddlebred associations.
  • Air walls will be opened from the North Wing to South Wing A.
  • Barriers will be installed at the counter of the Horse Show Office.
  • Breed and exhibitor meetings will be limited to one representative per farm and held in a space large enough to maintain social distancing practices.
  • Barns and stalls will be limited to two people per stall. Stalls will not be used for living quarters. Social engagements in the barns and stalls will be prohibited.
  • Check-in times will be spaced to prevent congestion.
  • Farriers and Veterinarians will be allowed in the show rings and barn areas.
  • Online entries and class changes will be offered throughout the duration of the event to reduce Horse Show Office visits.
  • Only one office staff member will be dedicated to taking credit cards.
  • Only riders/drivers, trainers and groomers will be allowed in the make-up area.
  • Queue lines will be set up with markers to give a visual representation of social distance requirements.
  • Saddlebred Café and vendors will be removed the from the North Wing.
  • Staff will be required to wear a face mask. Staff that accept physical payment will wear gloves and disinfect the credit card machine after each use.
  • The North Wing will be reconfigured for stalls only.

Additional Information

WCHS Entry Deadline- July 6th-20th (The $1,000.00 Late Fee has been WAIVED for 2020)

Definition of Participants- Per USEF Action Plan (as of 5/18)

Participants- for purpose of this document, any reference to participants includes owners, lessees, riders, athletes parents, vaulters, drivers, trainers, coaches, grooms, longeurs, navigators, personal care assistants (PCAs), and any other required support personnel/staff that are essential for providing care to the horses and/or the athletes.

General Safety Precautions

  • Freedom Hall will be closed each morning at 5 a.m. until showtime for additional cleaning.
  • Members of media will require credentials that will be mailed. Apply for media credentials including WCHS credentials online at All tickets and WCHS wristbands will be mailed before the show.
  • Trainers, grooms and participants will have access to Freedom Hall at any time to watch the horse show.
  • Participants will be able to purchase up to three wristbands per entry. Wristbands will allow access to the barns and general admission seats.
  • No members of the general public are permitted on the show grounds. All persons on the show grounds are required to comply with social distancing guidelines. All persons on the show grounds may be asked to provide identification or affiliation with participants at any time and may be asked to leave.

Requirements for Trainers and Participants

  • The USEF waiver must be signed by each participant. It is located on the page for the World’s Championship Horse Show on It can be downloaded, signed and sent electronically to the show.
  • In order to ensure appropriate social distancing, only trainers and grooms will be allowed in the make-up ring and rail side.
  • Trainers and participants should self-monitor their temperatures once daily prior to entering the show grounds. Show Officials may take the temperatures of any person randomly on show grounds and such persons must comply or leave the show grounds.
  • Check in will be done by appointment only (on board outside horse show office). Only one person per barn will be allowed in the show office at a time. You are encouraged to do your entries online to minimize time in the office. You may add/scratch classes via horse shows online.
  • Trainers and/or participants must remain at least six feet (6) apart while in Horse Show Office/and in the hallway. This may result in staff/volunteers asking trainers or participants to come back at a later time or to move to a different area to decrease the opportunity for congregation and to ensure social distancing guidelines are enforced.
  • All those who enter the Horse Show Office must wear a mask or cloth face covering.
  • In order to honor the World’s Championship Horse Show requirements, we ask that all trainers or participants please call the horse show office number instead of walking into the office without an appointment.
  • Participants are required to wear a facemask or cloth face covering when in a public setting, and when not mounted on a horse. Participants may choose to wear a facemask or cloth face covering when mounted on a horse and will not be disqualified or penalized for doing so while competing. Each barn must supply its own Personal Protective Equipment.
  • All trainers and participants must wear wristbands when on the show grounds to ensure we are maintaining a spectator free show and abiding by WCHS and state guidelines.
  • Any person may be asked to provide identification or affiliation with participants and may be asked to leave the arena or warm-up ring.
  • Grooms who are working as security for horses will be allowed in the barns overnight.
  • Congregating in stable areas is not permitted. Parties and party areas in the stable areas are not permitted.
  • The number of tack rooms will strictly adhere to the stall chart on page 35 of the prize list.
  • It is recommended that exhibitors arrive at the horse show dressed and ready to compete in order to reduce contact.
  • Trophy photographs will not be taken at the end of a class, but a victory pass will be done. All other ribbons will be available at the out gate.
  • Any trainer or participant that does not comply with these guidelines may be reported to the USEF steward and/or banned from the WCHS for the remainder of the show.