This page is intended to provide participants with the necessary information to understand the changes to the World's Championship Horse Show. This page will continue to be updated as we receive more questions. Please visit the COVID-19 page here (https://wchorseshow.com/covid/) to learn about the specific rules and additional information.

We are not printing a prize list due to delays caused by COVID-19, the prize list will be available online https://wchorseshow.com/prizelist
Horse shows must limit attendance to: essential staff, volunteers, and service providers; judges; trainers; participants/riders; groomers, and; owners. If a participant is a minor, their parents or primary caregivers may attend with them. Owners and parents will pick up tickets for the session/sessions that their horse/horses are in at the Horse Show Office.
Owners and Parents will need a ticket to enter Freedom Hall. Please pick up tickets for the session/sessions that their horse/horses are in at the Horse Show Office.
Grooms - these bands will get you into the makeup arena.

Trainers - these bands will get you into the makeup arena and on the rail (these are only for trainers).

Exhibitor/Owner - these armbands will get you into the barns and the upper area of Freedom Hall to watch the horse show.

Media - will get you into the upper bowl.
Yes, grooms are allowed to stay with the horses at night.
No large gatherings are permitted. Each stall is allowed 2 people. Everyone in the barns must social distance.
Three media bands allowed per magazine.
Pay per View link will be posted at https://wchorseshow.com/live-streaming
There will be a Large Schedule board located outside of the Horse Show Office.
There are no Box Seats or Suites for the 2020 WCHS- If you have paid for your box seats you will be reimbursed

The tickets will remain in your name for use 2021.
Inside Freedom Hall in the Eastside Suite M2/N1.
Yes, VIP Parking passes can be purchased.
Yes, they will be available for pre-purchase and in the Horse Show Office.
All horses are eligible, but the horses with the most points will be able to show. If the class is not filled to capacity, then the horses with no or few points will be drawn in order to participate. This will be done as soon as the entries are all entered and those not eligible will be notified immediately.
The entry deadline is July 20th. Entries must be in office by 5:00pm EST.

The post entry fee of $1,000 has been waived this year due to the circumstances of COVID-19.
Freedom Hall will be closed each morning at 5 a.m. until showtime for additional cleaning.
The USEF waiver must be signed by each participant. It is located on the page for the World's Championship Horse Show on horseshowonline.com. It can be downloaded, signed and sent electronically to the show.