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Registration for the 2023 World's Championship Horse Show will open summer of 2023.

Online Entry System

What you need:

A free account at HorseShowsOnline. If you don’t already have an account you can create one when you click the continue button below. HorseShowsOnline basic member is FREE.

A record in your account for each person and horse that you will use on show entry forms when you enter a show.

How do I get started?

  1. Login to HorseShowsOnline by clicking the “Member Services” button in the main menu, OR click the continue button below.
  2. Once you are logged in, click the “My Horses, People, Shows” button in the member menu.
  3. At the People, Horses, Shows page, add any new people and horses to your account as required on the appropriate tab (IE: My People, My Horses). People and horses are saved with your account. Once you have those records in your account you can use them at every show you enter.
  4. Click the “Enter show” button to select the show you want to enter and follow the steps in the online entry wizard.

Steps to enter a show:

Select the show you want to enter from your “My People, Horses, Shows” page on the “My Show Entries” tab, or find the show you want to enter in the "Show Selector" and click the Online Entry icon. This will start the online entry wizard. Make sure you have already created the horses and people in your member account.

The online entry wizard will guide you through the steps to complete the entry form. The basic steps in the wizard are:

  1. Select the horse, people, and riders for your entry.
  2. Select the classes each rider is entered in.
  3. Select the quantity for stalls and other fees.
  4. Confirm your selections.
  5. Checkout and submit the show entry.

The final step generates the completed entry form and submits your entry to the show for review and acceptance. If the show requires a payment at entry time, you will be prompted for your credit card information.


You can cancel the entry part way through the wizard and resume the entry later on. For example, if you need to add more people to your account, or you just want to come back and complete the entry later. Unfinished entry forms are listed in your “My entries” tab and will allow you to edit the entry.

People and horses you create in your account are saved permanently and can be used in other shows you enter. You only need to add people and horses once and then they can be re-used.


Print Entry Forms

Enter the most prestigious horse show in the world. Information on entry will be posted summer of 2023.


Horses at the World’s Championship Horse Show compete in divisions including Three-Gaited, Five-Gaited, Fine Harness, Saddlebred Pleasure, Saddlebred Equitation, Hackney/Harness Ponies, Roadster, In-Hand, and American Saddlebred. Each division includes several classes for amateurs, ladies, amateur ladies, and junior exhibitors, as well as younger horses and ponies.

Prize List

View Prizelist and Schedule details here


The World's Championship Horse Show, the world's richest and most prestigious horse show, attracts spectators and competitors from across the world and includes over 2,000 horses competing for more than $1 million in awards.