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The only way to guarantee a seat for a World's Championship Horse Show performance is to purchase a ticket.

A wristband is required for entrance and access to the rail area for photos. These wristbands MUST be requested in writing and are assigned on an individual basis. Each person requesting a wristband MUST sign for their own - no group pick-ups will be allowed. If the wristband is removed, lost or stolen, a new one will be issued costing $5.00 each. Once the wristband is removed, it cannot be reattached. Any altering of the wristband will result in loss of access privileges to the World's Championship Horse Show.


Those requesting horse show interviews should contact Scarlett Mattson in the Horse Show Office located in the trailer between the skywalk and horse barns on the north side of Stopher Walk. The office phone number is (502) 367-5300.

Girl Being Interviewed


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