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Hall of Fame

The World’s Championship Horse Show has a rich history of impressive and award-winning horses.

The Kentucky State Fair Hall of Fame committee is composed of men and women, all Hall of Fame members, having been involved with the World's Championship Horse Show and the American Saddlebred Industry for many years.

Letters of Nomination received in the Horse Show office throughout the year are reviewed by this committee each June with previous nominees also given consideration. The Individual(s) selected by the committee are honored with the title on Saturday night of World's Championship Horse Show in recognition of their significant involvement and the positive impact they have had on the Kentucky State Fair's World's Championship Horse Show.


Year Name Location
2021 Debbie Foley  Louisville KY
2021 Charles Goodman   Chicago IL
2021 Barbara Goodman-Manilow Chicago IL
2022 Carol Hillenbrand   Charleston SC
2022 Steve Joyce & Julia Joyce   Kernersville NC
2022 Virgil Helm   New Bloomfield MO
2023 Todd Miles White House TN
2023 Fran & Kim Crumpler Simpsonville KY
2023 Gene Wright Shelbyville KY


Year Name Location
2010 Richard Obenauf Johnsburg IL
2010 Rob & Jackie Tanner Versailles KY
2010 Harold Workman Louisville KY
2011 Nancy-Leigh Fisher Oconomowoc WI
2011 Larry Hodge Springfield KY
2011 Joan Hamilton Springfield KY
2012 Scarlett W. Mattson Irvington KY
2013 Rob Byers Simpsonville KY
2013 Merrill Murray Versailles KY
2013 William David Mountjoy II Lawrenceburg KY
2013 William David Mountjoy III Lawrenceburg KY
2013 Bud Willimon Simpsonville KY
2014 Mitchel E. Clark Danville KY
2014 John Marvin Conatser Nicholasville KY
2014 Bob Vesel Valdosta GA
2015 Dave Becker Lexington KY
2015 Tom Ferrebee Westfield Center OH
2015 Don Judd Land O'Lakes FL
2016 Gilbert “Gib” Marcucci Monmouth IA
2016 William Shatner Los Angeles CA
2017 Don Spear Simpsonville KY
2017 Charlie D. Smith Louisville KY
2017 Scott Bennett DVM Simpsonville KY
2018 John M Biggins* Simpsonville KY
2018 Darrel Kolkman New London IA
2019 Joan Lurie Simpsonville KY
2019 R.H. Bennett Shelbyville KY
2019 "Edward R. ""Hoppy"" Bennett " Shelbyville KY


Year Name Location
2000 Mary Ann Cronan Louisville KY
2000 Jeanette & Richard Durant Lockport IL
2001 Alan R. Raun D.V.M. Cumming IA
2001 Ellis Waggoner Prospect KY
2002 Claude Shiflet Asheboro NC
2002 Revel English Chino CA
2003 Charles Lowell – Cook Shelbyville KY
2003 Cornelia Serpell Glenview KY
2003 George Knight Lexington KY
2003 Lee Shipman Mesa AZ
2003 Mary Gaylord McClean Simpsonville KY
2003 Leon Simms Springfield KY
2004 Nelson Green Nicholasville KY
2004 Mary Jane Pidgeon Sledge Memphis TN
2005 Randi Stuart Wightman Tulsa OK
2005 Sam Brannon Georgetown KY
2006 Carter Cox Danville KY
2006 Shirley Parkinson Decatur IL
2006 Jim Koller Simpsonville KY
2006 Rex Parkinson Decatur IL
2007 "C.E. ""Pep"" Peppiatt" Lexington KY
2007 Jack Nevitt Simpsonville KY
2007 "Jimmy B. ""Jimmy"" Robertson III " Simpsonville KY
2008 John T. Jones Vero Beach FL
2008 Anne Miller Phillips Brewton AL
2008 Susan Phillips Brewton AL
2009 Bill Becker Nicholasville KY
2009 William D. Wise Danville KY


Year Name Location
1990 Tom Moore Harrodsburg KY
1990 Donna Moore Versailles KY
1991 Edward C. Barham Westfield IN
1992 Jim B. Robertson Lexington KY
1992 Walter D. Murphy Urbana OH
1993 Redd Crabtree Simpsonville KY
1993 Robert L. Whitley Cox's Creek KY
1994 "L.R. ""Dick"" Duncan " Bowling Green KY
1994 Art Simmons Mexico MO
1994 Don Harris Simpsonville KY
1995 Betty G. Weldon Jefferson City MO
1995 Raymond E. Sheffield Louisville KY
1995 James W. Aikman Indianapolis IN
1996 Carl T. Fischer – Jr. Louisville KY
1996 William T. Munford Jr. Campbellsville KY
1997 Mrs. Alan R. Robson Glenmoor PA
1997 Sallie Wheeler Keswick VA
1997 Edward Teater Nicholasville KY
1998 Ellen Scripps Davis Rancho Santa Fe CA
1998 Ellen Scripps Davis Rancho Santa Fe CA
1998 Michele Macfarlane Rancho Santa Fe CA
1998 Mary Gwyn Fiers Oklahoma City OK
1999 Mary Lillian & Raymond E. – Shively Rockport IN
1999 Judith C. Werner Waterloo IL


Year Name Location
1980 Lee Roby Tulsa OK
1981 John H. Costello Eolia MO
1982 Jane G. Coxe Fletcher Malvern PA
1984 Joseph E. Stopher Louisville KY
1985 Alvin & Hilda Ruxer Jasper IN
1986 Owen Haley Danville KY
1987 Jean McLean Davis Harrodsburg KY
1987 Marty Mueller West Baden IN
1989 Helen & Charles Crabtree Simpsonville KY


Year Name Location
1970 C. J. Cronan Jr. Louisville KY
1971 Lloyd Teater Chicago IL
1972 H. G. Whittenburg Louisville KY
1972 Garland Bradshaw Danville KY
1973 Mrs. Frances Dodge Van Lennep Lexington KY
1974 Welch Greenwell Shelbina MO
1974 K. K. Gutridge Prospect KY
1975 C. Leake Fain Jr. Atlanta GA
1975 Thomas J. Morton Jr. Newburgh IN
1976 Miss Ann Thompson Louisville KY
1976 Miss Jolie Richardson Atlanta GA
1977 Carl V. Garner Shelbyville KY
1977 John L. Hutcheson Rossville GA
1978 Frank Bradshaw Georgetown KY
1978 George Gwinn Danville KY


Year Name Location
1961 Charlie C. Dunn Berea KY
1961 Tom Wilson Bowling Green KY
1961 Ike Lanier Danville KY
1961 T. Ross Long Delaware OH
1961 Jack Thompson Hodgenville KY
1961 Charlie L. Railey Lexington KY
1961 Del E. Holman Lexington KY
1961 Mat S. Cohen Lexington KY
1961 Robert E. Moreland Lexington KY
1961 Chester Caldwell Libertyville IL
1961 Gen. John B. Castleman Louisville KY
1961 John T. Hook Mexico MO
1961 Lonnie Hayden Mexico MO
1961 H. C. Barham Milan TN
1961 Robert S. McCray Morth Middletown KY
1961 "W. B. ""Billy"" Shropshire " Paris KY
1961 Judge I. H. Thurman Springfield KY
1961 George Peak Winchester IL
1961 Allie Jones North Middletown KY
1961 Howard Ball Versailles KY
1962 "W. D. ""Cordy"" Mountjoy " Lawrenceburg KY
1962 Hiram Greenwell Shelbina MO
1964 R. C. Tway Louisville KY
1968 Miss Nola Minton Barbourville KY
1968 Mrs. William P. Roth San Mateo CA
1968 Mrs. J. R. Sharp Tulsa OK
1969 Earl Teater Lexington KY